Why I Love Powerful Coaching So Much

"Where the hell did my life go?"

Ever wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night and thought about all of those beautiful dreams and ambitions you had when you were younger? Do you wonder how time seemed to slip away? Do you see that life got so out of control and how those dreams only ever remained dreams. Do you think about this only to return to the next day full of monotony and stagnation, treading water, hoping that one day things will get better?

How many times do we mindlessly go through our lives, doing the same unfulfilling, soul killing routine, day after day, year after year, wondering where exactly it all went wrong?

It's a perpeutal cycle of avoiding what our heart is speaking to us to do. 

So, what's your big dream?

Is it to launch that business you've been thinking of for a decade?

Is it to travel the world the way you've been imagining it since you were a kid?

Or maybe it's simply to finally find the happiness and fulfillment you've been waiting for. 

Instead of being engaged powerfully into desired life, most of us choose the path of instant gratification, indulging in fleeting and fading contentment instead of indulging in what will really fulfills us.

We drink too much on our weekends, masking the pain or boredom of life.

We watch YouTube videos about traveling the world instead of getting that visa and booking that ticket.

We watch Shark Tank and say, "That'd be nice to be an entrepreneur" instead of actually starting that business that's been in our heads for a decade.

We convince ourselves that happiness will come to us one day, so we don't have to put in the work and create it.

What happened to all those beautiful dreams and ambitions in our lives? Where did we go wrong and why do we settle for less than our potential day after day, year after year?

Well, like I did eight years ago, we need to wake the hell up! Life goes by quicker and quicker as we grow older, and in the rapidity of life, we tend to remain where we are, hoping that "someday it'll get better".

That's not how an extraordinary life works.

...and this is why I love coaching so much.

This is where powerful and adventurous coaching comes in... and I want to be clear here, coaching does NOT mean you are less than, it does not mean you are weak, it does not mean that you're broken. Powerful Coaching is for people who are ready to quit settling, ready to grab life by the horns and embark on the greatest adventure of their life.

When I'm talking with someone who is thinking about taking me on as their coach, one of the first things might say is something like this:

"I am here to serve you POWERFULLY, not to please you. What I say might excite you or it might offend you. What I say might make you laugh or make you cry. My job and life's work is to hold you at your absolute highest self and to go where other people dare not to go. I will do this from a place of love. I will hold you accountable to show up into the world as your highest self at all costs. I will give it to you straight, without sugar coating a thing. I will take you out of your limits and into your life. I will serve you powerfully, more powerfully than you've probably ever been served. I will create the space for a life changing conversation during every single one of our calls. Are you up to this adventure?"
Some people are not ready for this... that's fine. We shake hands, I wish them luck and we move our seperate ways. If we both agree that we would like to work together, however, then the life changing work really begins.

Most of my clients love me and I love them, but some weeks they don't particularly LIKE me all the time (playfully of course), because I push ALL my clients into their dreams in a very action oriented and immediate way. I know that most people's immediate reaction is to just retreat into old habits and instant gratification, which is diametrically opposed to living an extraordinary life. We test your limits and what you're capable of, because that is the only way to grow into the life you want. And while it may be uncomfortable, as a result of showing up into the world in their full power, my clients experience the kind of life they never thought they could.

Most people die with adventure still inside them, I do everything I can to ensure that the people I work with do not. I do everything I can to break that perpetual cycle of avoiding what our heart is begging you to do.

When you play the game of life fully and are engaged in it, life becomes an infinitely engaging adventure of fulfillment and passion.

This is a call to action for you to start living like you mean it, to wake up everyday passionate about the gift of life. This is you call to action to shatter what has held you back and go more boldly into your life and your purpose. 

Are you ready?

Onward and Upward,