Face Your Fear, Find Your Treasure

Your FEAR is a liar.

Listen to your fears, they’re showing you your fulfillment.

Most make major life decisions purely on AVOIDING fear and as a result, they suffer a life of subtle stagnation.

But if you seek to live life in all of its beautiful glory, fear should be your DIRECTION, not your DEPARTURE...

...because fear is a mask for desire.

See, when we quit letting fear dictate our life and we challenge what we’re scared of, we break free of what has once controlled our life.

Joseph Campbell once said, “The Cave You Fear to Enter Holds the Treasure You Seek.”

So, what are you scared of? And now armed with the knowledge that fear is a mask for desire, what is the big desire behind what you fear?

What is your personal cave you fear to enter?

What is the treasure that can only be discovered within that cave?


A practice I love to guide clients through is to have them make a list of all the things that scare them, and the things that they’re scared to write down, are the MAJOR things to write down.

Once they do that, we can begin to see their world through a new lens and ask, “What is the desire behind here?”

And that’s when life gets REALLY fun!

Onward and Upward,

Travis Barton