The Exponential Power of Positive Self Talk

Would you talk to your friends the way that you talk to yourself?

You gotta start treating yourself better, and treating yourself better starts with some good old positive self talk.

Positive self isn’t just a nebulous new age idea, it cultivates tangible, life changing results.

Because how we SPEAK our world informs how we SEE our world, and how we SEE our world informs how we SHOW UP in the world.

Words alone have the power to start a war or create peace.

Words alone have the power to inspire or discourage. 

Words alone have the power to ruin or strengthen a relationship.

And the words you use in your own life have the power to create happiness or misery, prosperity or poverty. 

The language we use to describe an event in our life immediately change what it means to us, and as a result, how we show up in life.

If you describe a failure in your life as completely devastating and beat yourself up over it, you would feel much different than if you described that very same failure as an important lesson and were proud of yourself for putting yourself out there wouldn’t you? Which way of describing that SAME failure cultivates a better wellbeing?

See, words trigger emotion, and emotion triggers action. So when we choose a new, more powerful language, we will show up more powerfully in the world. 

When we simply choose to adopt a new set of words to describe circumstances in our life, we can begin to shift our emotional patterns, and then dramatically improve our entire life on an exponential scale.

I call this Transformationally Generative Language.

The words we attach to our experience BECOMES our experience. So choose your words wisely and quit treating yourself like a bad friend.

Travis Barton