Embrace the Beauty of Challenges

The biggest breakthroughs in my life come from challenges. Throughout my life and coaching career, I've seen that through incredible adversity, lies the potential for incredible growth.

Most people live an avoidance based life. We tend to wake up, think about what we dread doing, then while brushing our teeth in the morning, try to figure out a way, any way to avoid what we dread.

It's a perpetual life of uninspired aversion. 
We wake up and say, "What do I HAVE to do today?" and do our best to avoid it.

But when we live every day avoiding our challenges, we give those challenges power over us.

When we live with this attitude, we avoid all our challenges, because we don't see the opportunity that these challenges are presenting to us. We are conditioned to see challenges as an obstruction to a comfortable life, and so we avoid it at all costs and guess what? Life becomes even MORE challenging as result.

When I work with people and they tell me that they have challenges in their life, I will say, "That's great!" They usually think I'm crazy at first, but I see the truth right away, I see what my client can't see. I know that every great challenge has some leverage in it to become a better person after it's been overcome. This makes our coaching really fun.

See, you can either choose to give the challenge you're facing in your life right now MORE energy, or you can choose to become energized by it. Why not USE your challenges in this way, so that they can stop having power over you?

Dive into them and grow as a result.

One question I love asking clients is, "If this challenge were sent to you on purpose, just begging to teach you something, what would it be begging to teach you?" Talk about reframing dread into something positive!

When we learn to love the experience of a good challenge and see the opportunity for growth in it, we will stop waking up every day dreading what we HAVE to do, and begin waking up excited to tackle life's big challenges, because we know the kind of person we'll become after we've tackled them.

Embrace the beauty of your challenges and embrace fully the beauty of life.

Onward and Upward,


Travis Barton