The Ancient Hero's Way

Did you know that most ancient hero’s were not judged by their RESULTS, but rather by their ACTIONS?

Imagine Indiana Jones or Wonder Woman acting just as they do, but failing. Indiana Jones goes on the perilous journey, but doesn’t snag the artifact and Wonder Woman courageously fights the battle but doesn’t defeat the villain. 


Would that take anything away from who they are? Of course not! One is still a badass adventurer, and the other is still an altruistic hero, all despite the outcome.

Just like the ancient hero’s of past, your own character is revealed through how powerfully you show up in your world.

Focus on showing up powerfully in the actions you take, not the outcome you desire, because it is your actions that define you as a person (or hero), not the results you hope to get.

This is called process orientation. It builds real character and gains greater outcome than usually expected anyway, result orientation leads to expectation hangover and a whole lot of settling.

When you reach the outcome, it will give you clarity on what to DO next, but never who you should BE next!

So judge your day, your month, your year, based on the ACTIONS you take, not the RESULTS you get.

Onward and Upward,

Travis Barton