What Does Slacklining Have to do with Success?


I SUCK at highlining!

Many of you know that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with slacklining in the year I’ve been doing it. I’m so hooked on it, that the entire time I’ve been slacking, I have been looking forward to finally do the pinnacle of slacklining, go highlining. Highlining is essentially walking and balancing on a thin, one inch wide peice of webbing, high up in the air, like REALLY high up. 

Well, yesterday I finally got to go highlining and wow... I was humbled.

While I like to think of myself as a somewhat decent slackliner, taking that same discipline hundreds of feet up in the air, feeling the primal fear of your mind saying, “what the hell are you doing?” is a completely different mindset and skill level. Yesterday, I spent more time under the line, wiping out, and TRYING to stand and walk than I did actually doing any slacklining (about 100% of the time, in fact).

But I still had a blast and even learned a good lesson.

Being able to watch some of the amazing highliners that were gracious enough to take me with them yesterday was incredibly inspiring and while I’m bruised, scratched, and humbled today, I was feeling pumped to keep working at it, to keep falling and to keep getting back up, so I can hang with the best of ‘em, eventually.

And that’s the attitude you gotta take with you in everything you really want in life, whether it’s slacklining, business, relationships, whatever. Never give up, keep on going, and you’ll get there.

As I kept telling myself during every fall and whip yesterday, hanging from a single inch of thin webbing, hundreds of feet over a rocky gulley, “Every expert was once a beginner. Just get back up and KEEP going.”

Travis Barton