Embracing the Flow of Life

What if life wasn't as hard as we all made it out to be?

What if life was actually pretty simple, but you've been the one making it hard?

What if you chose to start seeing your challenges as happening FOR you and not TO you?

What if everything in your life happened to you at EXACTLY the right moment? Not too soon and not too late, but at the exact time when you needed it most, even if you feel like you didn't necessarily want it.

What if you started seeing your challenges as lessons in disguise?

Life isn't pushing at you to make your life harder, it pushing at you to show you a better way, a more powerful way, the way you SHOULD be going. It's pushing at you to help you grow.

Life is like a river. You're supposed to go with the flow, not against it. And listening to this wisdom of the river of life, embracing the challenge and choosing to not go against the current, but WITH it, is to live always in flow.

What path is life trying to show you to take right now?

Will you listen?

Travis Barton