Don't Just Exist, Live

What does it look like to truly come alive? I mean really, really alive!

I believe that there’s a fine and subtle line between truly living and simply existing, a line between surviving and thriving. Just because I’m breathing, I often remind myself, doesn’t mean I’m truly alive.

When we are existing, life is happening to us, but when we are truly living, we are going out there and happening to life.

If we are to live our life the way our spirit is calling us to, we must find the courage to take control of our life before our life gets out of control. We need to define the kind of life we want to live and boldly step into that life. Nothing extrinsic of yourself should ever tell you how to live, especially your fears and anxieties.

Existing is to allow our fears to decide our life’s direction.

Living is to mindfully approach our fears and so that we are able to step into our dreams.

Simply existing is easy, and because it is so easy, so many of us go through our years mindlessly doing just that.. simply existing with no real life in our life. I know it’s easy to get stuck doing something unfulfilling because it’s comfortable, but comfort eventually becomes habit and then habit becomes emotional stagnation.

Like Oscar Wilde said, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” So go out into this life and really, LIVE.

Travis Barton