Embracing Your Challenges Like A Warrior

Whether in my own life or the people I coach, I just LOVE turning pain and challenges into strength and growth.

Wallowing in our pain and challenges puts us in a POWERLESS state. Stepping into our strength and growth puts us in a wildly POWERFUL state.

Which state do you want to live your life in?

What if I told you you could actually choose which state you wanted to show up in and doing it was only a simple mindset shift away?

Most of the world just loves indulging in their problems. We love to complain and gossip... but that kind of attitude doesn't create less problems, it only creates more!

One of my favorite coaching questions to ask someone when they’re going through a challenging time in life?

“What if this challenge that you’re going through in your life right now were actually a lesson in disguise, just begging to show you something? What would it be begging to teach you?”

See, I don't like to sit and allow the people I work with to overstay their welcome at the pity party. I don't like to talk about the problem itself (that's what gets most of us into this mess in the first place), I want to talk about the solution to the problem, I want to talk about how you can be a better person as a result of this challenge ever even happening to you in the first place. I want to take you out of the powerless state that you're used to and immediately put you in a powerful state, helping you to not only deal with this challenge once and for all, but to actually grow from it!

When we begin to reframe our challenges, hurt, and even pain through this lens of positivity and possibility, asking ourselves powerful questions like this, we put ourselves in in powerful state, a state where we quit allowing our challenges to define us, and instead, are able to rise from and define our challenges. 

Onward and Upward,


Travis Barton