What is Adventurous Coaching?

As I recently had my Barefoot Business Coaches Club members define their business’ core values, I thought I’d share my own business’ core values with you all.

These are values that I coach by and which bring out my own personal brand of coaching, “Adventurous Coaching for Extraordinary People”

1: Adventurous

In my coaching, I go bold and I go deep. I stretch my clients to be adventurous in spirit, because I know that an adventurous spirit is what it takes to make it to the proverbial mountain peak. I will challenge you to rethink the way you live and to stretch your comfort zone dramatically. What I say will not always please you, but I promise it will serve you powerfully.

2: Spirit

Without action, there cannot be results and it is in action where most coaches coach from. “You want these results, take this action.” This kind of coaching can be effective, but it only ever leads to incremental success. I help my clients rethink the way they see their world, because when you change the way you see your world, your entire world begins to change. From this place, action flows from you naturally and sustainably.

Adventurous Coaching in the wilds of Norway

Adventurous Coaching in the wilds of Norway

3: Imagination

I love to create the space for miracles to occur. As a coach, I’m an expert at helping people dream bigger than they’ve ever dreamed in their life, holding the space to help my clients dream in the realm of impossibility. Imagination is the foundation of manifestation, so we must learn to dream like we’ve never dreamed before, so we can find the life that’s waiting for us.

4: Courage

It is one thing to dream big, but it’s another thing entirely to LIVE big. I support and guide people to live into their impossible dream, to base life decisions not on probability, but on possibility. I know that fear is a mask for desire, so if my client is scared of something, I stretch them into boldly confronting that fear, because behind that fear, is a whole new world of freedom. I always say that I coach hero’s of their own story. I hold them to their absolute highest self, because I know to reach your highest self, you must slay your proverbial dragons. When you work with me, fear is your not your departure, it’s your direction.


Live Big

It is one thing to dream big, but it’s another thing entirely to LIVE big

5: Insight

Extraordinary coaching is NOT information driven, it is insight driven. Like a small seed growing into a mighty tree, expansion comes from within. I help people tap into their deepest wisdom, drawing out distinctions, beliefs and patterns until we reach an awakening of sorts, an “aha” moment of clarity. I water and nurture single insights, because a single insight is what it takes to completely transform someone’s world.

Before every single coaching call I have, I set the intention to coach powerfully by these values and bring to the world Adventurous Coaching for Extraordinary People.

Onward and Upward,

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